Sick Days

By , January 4, 2011

Somewhere, somehow, we picked up a nasty bug! Oddly, we’ve hardly been around anyone to catch it from. Our trips to town have been rare, brief, and without a lot of contact with others. But, just before the New Year, Michelle and I started to feel bad. Now, I’m miserable, with stuffy, runny nose, sore and scratchy throat, sinus headaches, sneezing and coughing. Last night I had the chills all night long. Michelle’s a little better; Aly doesn’t seem to have any problems at all right now.

We don’t often get sick. We’re isolated enough on our homestead that germs don’t have much chance with us. We eat healthily, get proper exercise, and often pop a few vitamin C tablets on the days we go to town. We’re all careful about washing our hands, and don’t touch many dirty surfaces, if we can help it. A bad cold, or, as I’ve heard whispers of in town, flu, is rare in our household.

When we lived in Juneau, we couldn’t help but get sick. Michelle worked at one school, Aly attended another, and I was a state worker, spending each day in a hermetically-sealed office building that endlessly recirculated its stale air. At night we’d meet back at our house, each bringing the latest offering from our various germ pools.

Even so, we rarely sickened to the point where we became bedridden. Mostly we’d soldier along, feeling a little less than prime, but not paralyzed. This bug threatens to send me to bed, at least. In fact, I’m probably upright at the moment only because I was so uncomfortable in the bed!

I’ve got until Thursday to get back up on my feet. Aly will need a ride into town, and we’ve got things to do there. Hopefully, by then we’ll be feeling better. Besides, Thursday’s Twelfth Night, and we still have a lot of Christmas goodies to eat before then!

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