Returning to Normal

By , January 7, 2011

Twelfth Night is past, and we have returned once again to “normal life” after a long and pleasant holiday season. At the same time, I’m feeling normal again, after recovering from what seems to have been the flu. That kind of took me away from everything for a while, but I’m back, feeling much better, and energized to “rediscover” the joys of everyday life. Time to start new projects, read something new, time to listen to new music, watch new movies!

I’ve written about appreciating the present before, and I strongly believe in doing so. Unlike that year, though, there seems little time for the limbo of which I spoke. There’s too much to be done! I guess I succeeded in “closing for Christmas,” which means that now I’m open for business, and raring to go. If there’s any hesitation, it’s only while trying to decide what to tackle first! This, to me, indicates that our life is largely on the right track. If we dreaded returning to our ordinary routines, were loath to get going on those things we set aside during the holiday season, something would likely be very wrong. We’d need to consider a major change in the way we live.

I’m not saying so much that we’re lucky to be in our situation, but that we’re lucky to like where we are, and what we’re doing. I know people who are very fulfilled by work I would never, ever want to do. The key is following one’s bliss, whatever that bliss may be.

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