By , January 15, 2011

The cold, windy weather continues here on Lynn Canal. Mercifully, they’re backing off the prediction of 60 knot winds over the weekend, but not by a whole lot. At noon, we’re showing 5° outside, putting the wind chill somewhere below minus 20. I went outside to take some pictures of the fjord, and found that the low sun shining through te spray tearing off the wave tops made a spray rainbow—a “spraynbow,” if you will.

Sun + spray = "spraynbow"

Defraction through sea spray on Lynn Canal makes a "spraynbow." (Photo: Mark Zeiger.)

Of course, it’s not really a bow at all, more a sun dog.

Ice in homestead bight

Frozen sea spray builds up on the rocks of the homestead bight (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

There’s lots to see, but it’s uncomfortable to linger. Our faces are going numb within minutes of stepping outside. Thank goodness we have large windows to watch the show from the warmth of the cabin!

2 Responses to ““Spraynbow””

  1. Helen Harris says:

    I’m glad you are there to take photographs so I can sit here in Bellingham and enjoy the view.

  2. Mark Zeiger says:

    That works out well, doesn’t it, Mom? You would NOT want to be visiting us during this weather!

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