A Pleasant Evening

By , February 25, 2011

The wind calmed down for a while, and it got really nice outside yesterday evening. I went out to enjoy the evening, and enjoyed the view. As ever, digital snapshots can’t record it as seen by the human eye, with magnificent magnification and all. Still, one does what one can . . . .

Katzehin Delta, near Haines, Alaska

We don't even know if this peak has a name. We call it "Ideal" because of a snowfield that appears in more temperate months (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

Sometimes in this blog, I need to just shut up and show the pictures . . . .

The Mountain With No Name

The Mountain with No Name (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

LC Mountain

"LC" Mountain (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

The Pickets

The Pickets and points south on the Coast Range (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

Peak over the Katzehin Delta

"Ideal" detail (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

Sure is pretty up here.

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  1. Roger Murphy says:

    It sure is

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