Frozen Seep

By , March 15, 2011

Frozen seeps are a regular feature of our landscape at this time of year. The water flowing beneath the ground congeals in some pretty fantastic shapes. The high tannin content gives it a yellow or brown color, especially in years like this one, when it has been so dry. In wet years, they are white, or even crystal clear.

ice seep

The seep near the boat/guest house, about 5-6 feet tall (Photo: Mark Zeiger.)

This one forms down near the boat/guest house every winter. Because of its shady location, it often lasts well beyond the thaw.

These frozen waterfalls cross our trail in some places, creating dangerous slicks. On one section we sometimes have to detour through the trees to get around it, because it’s too treacherous to walk on.

The forecast is calling for a thaw, maybe up to 39° in a few days! It’ll be sloppy, but it’ll be a welcome change, and maybe a chance to replenish the water supply.

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