New Windows on the World

By , March 25, 2011

Over the last two days we’ve had some very pleasant excitement on the homestead. A small work crew came out by skiff with tools, generator fuel, and construction materials to replace 8 windows in the main cabin. We’re benefiting from the Home Weatherization Program, getting all new windows, save for the three that we have installed ourselves over time.

They came out one afternoon and dropped off their stuff, then came back the next morning and installed all of the windows by mid-afternoon. Now we have legitimate egress windows, the window behind the propane stove opens to vent when we cook, and we can see outside much better than before. And, while it seems almost a moot point at the moment, since the weather has softened considerably, the cabin will be even tighter against the cold weather than before.

As you might imagine, we’re very pleased! As the weather warms, we’ll be able to open the windows much more often when needed. All of the new ones, except one, open, and they’re screened. That means Spice can sit and stare at the squirrels to her evil little heart’s content without us being concerned that she might slip outside. Aly’s excited to have a clear window that she doesn’t need to throw all of her weight behind to wrestle open. The same goes for the window beside the piano, which has only become manageable in the last month or so, only because it’s been so dry.

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