Awakening Seas

By , March 28, 2011

Our local waters are beginning to be repopulated as spring advances. The humpback whales have returned, although the brief sightings are still somewhat rare. A small pod of killer whales cruised by the other day. Most exciting of all, a sleeper shark beached itself in Chilkat Inlet recently. After you read that link, go back Heather’s main page and read the next two posts. She has lots of good photos, and links to others as well.

The shark has held my interest, particularly because I’m beginning to suspect that I may have seen one out in Lynn Canal. Last June I watched an eagle attack and get repelled by something out in the water. Based on the brief glimpse I got of it, it could well have been a sleeper shark. I haven’t seen very many sleeper sharks, if any, but I am familiar with their shape from a huge photograph of a large sleeper shark that the Alaska State Museum displayed during Ray Troll’s “Sharkabet” exhibit in Juneau.

While I have no designs on catching a sleeper shark, I am beginning to finger my fishing rods hopefully. I’m pretty sure I saw a large fish jump a couple of times yesterday. The infant salmon are pouring out of the freshwater creeks now, creating a gull feeding frenzy. Quite likely there might be some tasty larger fish capitalizing on the bounty as well . . . .


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