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By , April 22, 2011

I mentioned recently that an expanded version of my blog post, Coffee with a Whale has been included in a brand new publication, New Homesteading. I received a copy the other day.

I’m mighty pleased to have my work included in their premiere issue. I regret that I once again referred to the Coast Range across Lynn Canal as “the Cascade Range” (an unfortunate side effect of having Washingtonian in-laws) but other than that I found little to criticize myself for. That’s rather unusual!

What particularly impressed me is the artwork. I sent them a number of photos, one of which was a rather blurry snapshot taken of Aly as she stood on the beach, just as a whale surfaced in front of her. It’s the best photo I have that shows how close the whales pass us, but it’s a very poor image, which I assumed would probably be useless to them. The magazine’s art director turned it into an exciting, impressionistic image that perfectly illustrates my piece.

New Homesteading is pretty impressive. Besides my piece, which is essentially a paean to sitting around on one’s butt, there’s useful information, articles on gardening, how to store eggs without refrigeration, straw bale construction, and more. I had to wait my turn to see it, because Michelle started browsing through it, and ended up reading. If you’re at all interested in modern homesteading, this new magazine looks to be an excellent resource. I doubt you’ll find it on many newsstands yet, but you can order an individual copy or subscribe on their Web site.

I’ve since changed the previous blog post to reflect what appears to be a last minute name change for the magazine. I’d originally been approached by The Sovereign Life Magazine, but the piece appeared in New Homesteading instead. I think the new name is a better choice. The change is so recent, their home page isn’t fully operational yet.

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