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By , April 30, 2011

Yesterday’s royal wedding has reached even our remote shore. Today Michelle and Aly will be attending a charity event for the Chilkat Center for the Arts, a fancy luncheon and viewing of Prince William and Katherine Middleton’s wedding (previously recorded). Attendees are invited to give themselves names and titles for the occasion.

Michelle and Aly spent much of yesterday preparing for the event, choosing the right dresses and accessories, and composing names. Michelle will appear as Lady Ina Greene-Garten, Aly as Lady Gertrude Myrica. I helped out by blocking Michelle’s sun hat into a wedding hat.

wedding hat

Presenting Lady Ina Greene-Garten, in a hat blocked by Msr. Zeiger of Haines (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

Michelle trimmed it with flowers, a dragonfly, and a veil of mosquito netting.

I won’t be going to town with them, but they promise to take photos after they’ve changed at the home of friends in town.

We’re not huge Anglophiles, but the event sounded like too much fun to miss. And, being almost totally cut off from wedding coverage, they’ll appreciate a chance to see a bit of it. Michelle and I watched Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding. Diana was our age, and theirs was the only event of its kind in our lives up to that point. It’ll be fun for Michelle and Aly to share this together.

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