Summer’s Just Come, Yet Seems Half-Gone

By , May 1, 2011

It’s May 1st, May Day, Beltane, the first day of summer by the Celtic calendar reckoning. Most years, it seems appropriately timed. This year, however, we’re a bit behind, seasonally speaking. The ice appears to be gone, although one or two seeps on the hillside have yet to thaw fully, but it’s still around, especially under ground. Michelle has seedlings ready to go into outdoor raised beds, but the temperatures, as balmy as they are by comparison, continue to hover close to the danger zone.

I’m worried that the season won’t last. Here on the first day, it seems half gone before it can even be said to fully arrive. Time presses on me, as Aly prepares to begin her college career.At the end of this month we’ll take her to Canada for an archaeological dig. She won’t return till midsummer. Before that, she’ll be attending the prom, and spend a couple of days in town babysitting. Thankfully, at least a couple of her after school clubs will end with the public school year. In August sometime, we’ll hopefully leave for college with her, driving her down to Washington state through Canada. Looking at the calendar, it seems like I’ll hardly have time to do any fishing or gardening between now and then. It could all too easily pass in a flash.

I remember, as a student, standing at the brink of summer vacation, and seeing its end loom large ahead of me. This is an old familiar feeling I long to shake.

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