“Royal Wedding” Photo and Twelve Moons

By , May 2, 2011

As usually happens when we’re having fun, Michelle and Aly didn’t get enough photos taken of them at the “Royal Wedding” Luncheon benefit for the Chilkat Center Saturday. They got a few good ones, though.

wedding luncheon

Aly (Lady Gertrude Myrica) and Michelle (Lady Ina Greene-Garten) at the Wedding Luncheon (Photo: Margaret Jones).

They had a really good time. I guess the food was excellent.

Tonight is the new moon. If you’re reading Mary Oliver’s Twelve Moons as a lunar calendar with me, today is the day to read the poem, Spring. If you are familiar with our view of the seasons, you know I tried long and hard to fudge this one, to schedule a poem by this title before May 1st, which we regard as the beginning of summer. But it didn’t work out. As I mentioned yesterday, it’s probably just as well, considering that everything seems to be late this year. I also note, looking at the schedule I laid out in January, that there will be no poem on the upcoming first quarter moon.

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