Mom’s-Eye View of the Homestead

By , May 21, 2011

Seeing the homestead and its surroundings in a new light seems like a recurring theme lately. I got permission from my mother-in-law to post some of the photos she took while visiting us this week. I find it interesting to see what others decide to record. Mom’s an artist, so many of her photos are reference shots for future paintings.

watching hummingbirds

Michelle's mother, Helen Harris, and Spice watch hummingbirds at the homestead feeder (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

Here’s a sampling of the homestead through her eyes:

view from Aly's window

The view from Aly's bedroom, where Mom stayed (Photo: Helen Harris).

rising donuts

Aly studies for her upcoming field school while she waits for a batch of oven baked donuts to rise (Photo: Helen Harris).

You can find Aly’s oven baked donut recipe here.


Mark hauling firewood

Mark brings another load of firewood rounds down from the ridge (Photo: Michelle Zeiger).

outhouse view

The view from the outhouse window (Photo: Helen Harris).

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