By , May 24, 2011

It’s the night of the first quarter moon, which means it’s time to read another poem from Mary Oliver’s Twelve Moons. Today’s poem is Stone Poem.

This will not be numbered among my favorite poems of hers. Sadly, though, it’s appropriate enough for right now. Yesterday, we learned that Walter Soboleff Sr. passed away on Sunday. Besides being probably one of the greatest contemporary Native American leaders, he has had ties to my family since long before I was born.

I don’t have much to say about his passing, other than that, since he lived to be 102 1/2 years old, it’s hard to complain. Beyond that, I’m really not up to talking about it.

Just as well. We’ve had a long period of light or no winds, and very little strong sunlight. This post is actually being written on power provided by a gas generator! I’ve explained before why we almost never use it, but our rechargeables are getting low, especially the phones. However, there likely won’t be a post here tomorrow. By the time the wind comes back, and I return, no doubt I’ll be a bit cheerier.

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