Aly’s Off to Canada

By , June 3, 2011

We’re back. At least, two-thirds of us are.

Tuesday morning we loaded up the car and headed up the road for Canada, destination: Whitehorse. Aly’s archaeological field school started June 2. We decided to go up a bit early, get in some family fun in “the big city,” watch a movie and play at the Canadian Games Aquatic Centre.

We had a great trip! We camped at the Robert Service Campground, our favorite place to stay in Whitehorse since 2004. We saw a movie, played tourist, and swam . . . a lot. Most importantly, we had some uninterrupted family time before we separated.

Yesterday morning, we rendezvoused with Norm Easton, the professor leading the expedition, and met some of the other students and interns who will be participating in the project. Professor Easton invited us to stay for the first lesson, a PowerPoint overview of the project, and a short film.

We left Aly a short time later, feeling she was in capable hands. She’s very excited, and justifiably so. Michelle and I drove home, arriving around 7:30 last night. Everything had grown markedly since we’d left. The cherry trees are even blooming!

It’s going to be a quieter homestead for the next six weeks. We’re going to miss our girl, but she’s glad she’s having a new adventure. We’ve plenty to do, and will busy enough. Also, we’ll have a chance to be a couple again. But, we’re already looking forward to going back up to bring her home!

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