News From the North Part 1

By , June 7, 2011

We finally got word from Aly! She found a moment to reply to an email during her archaeological field school in Canada. You’ll note a father’s optimism in naming this post “part 1″—I sincerely (okay, desperately) hope that there will be many more posts including news from the dig in the next six weeks.

They’ve finished up in Whitehorse, shopping for provisions, loading their vehicles, and visiting sites of archaeological interest in town. That includes the Yukon Berengia Interpretive Centre, a must-see for anyone interested in prehistoric animals.

Berengia Centre Whitehorse

Aly and Mark at the Berengia Centre, Whitehorse, Canada in 2007 (Photo: Beth Zeiger).

Today they caravan to Beaver Creek, stopping frequently along the way at significant sites. Aly says it’ll be like a parade: “we have two people vehicles, a van, which used to be an ambulance, and a huge hay truck.” She expects they’ll arrive in Beaver Creek this evening.

I’m really proud of Aly. The email she replied to informed her that a friend would be passing through Whitehorse over the weekend, and had offered to take her anything she might have forgotten or decided she needed. She couldn’t think of anything, which means she thought of everything before she left.

No word from her yet on the blog the group planned to set up, but hopefully they’ll get that going soon, and we’ll get to know her classmates, and keep closer tabs on how things develop up there. Short of that, we’ll provide updates here.

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