A Trio Once Again

By , July 21, 2011

Our mission to retrieve Aly from her archaeological field school in Canada succeeded. Michelle and I drove up Tuesday morning, arriving at the professor’s house in Canada just as they were about to leave a note for us and go run errands. We spent the night in Whitehorse so that we could see the last Harry Potter movie, then came home yesterday.

Ironically, it rained most of the time in Whitehorse, but remained dry here in Haines. Whitehorse is usually a lot drier than we are. We fervently wished that Haines would get as much rain as we saw up in Canada!

Aly now has a job with a local archaeological field school. Its session started Monday, so we thought we’d get her back, then lose her again immediately. She contacted the professor last night, and found out she won’t be needed till Monday, so we have her home through the weekend before she moves into town for the next two work weeks. We can live with that. She’s very excited to be able to teach what she learned in Canada so soon after the experience. She admitted to being glad for a slight break, but it won’t be long before she’ll want to dig again.

Apparently, she’ll get college credit for this project as well. She seems well on her way to finishing her degree a year early, and she hasn’t even gone to college yet!

It’ll be interesting to see how late she sleeps this morning. She caught up on some sleep in the last few days of the Canada trip, but likely she has a long way to go. The field school kept long hours, and she was among more typical teenagers and young adults, who keep a very different schedule than she’s used to. We expect she’ll need time to recover.

It’s wonderful to have her home again. A lot of people worried about our “empty nest syndrome,” but Michelle and I did quite well. We’ve been best friends for a long time now, and we lived contentedly as a childless couple for 10 years before Aly was born, so we know how to function without our child. Nevertheless, we’re glad to be a trio again.

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