Full Immersion Participation in International Talk Like a Pirate Day

By , September 19, 2011

Imagine, if you will, the situation of your humble blog hosts today. Yesterday we attended Aly’s college orientation weekend. Today we’re either on the road back to the homestead, or frantically working toward that—possibly last minute shopping, trying to shut down the cabin where we stayed, or trying to organize the pile in the car so we can see out the back. It’s sure to be a dangerous mixture of regret at saying goodbye to Aly, excitement/nerves over starting the trip home, and impatience at lost time.

And on top of it all, god help us, it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Whatever is happening in our lives at this moment, you can bet that I’m talking like a pirate, either annoying Michelle with an endless stream of “arrs” and “begads,” or swearing my head off in impotent frustration and impatience. Either way, it’s not going to be pretty.

Let’s ring down the curtain on this scene. I wrote longer and better about International Talk Like a Pirate Day back when the blog started two years ago. Check it out, and join the unwashed hoards in channeling Long John Silver today! Huzzah!

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