Book Signing this Friday in Haines

By , February 9, 2012

At last, a blog post specifically for Hainesites!

Shy Ghosts Dancing

(Original Artwork: Mark Zeiger)

I’ve often doubted whether this blog would be of any interest to my fellow Alaskans. Living as we do is not particularly noteworthy in a state of rugged individualists. However, I’m taking part in a local event that I’d like Haines to know about.

Several downtown businesses are holding “Downtown After Dark: Valentine Extravaganza” 5:00-7:30 p.m. this Friday and Saturday night. Alaska Rod’s, one of the stores that sells my book of short stories, Shy Ghosts Dancing: Dark Tales from Southeast Alaska, has invited some of the artists they promote in the store to talk about their work, and they’ve invited me to come in to sign books.

I’ve told you before that I’m lousy at self promotion, and the idea of a book signing scares me, frankly. However, an evening in Rod and Rhonda’s store, among their homemade knives and the many other interesting things they sell, visiting with them and local artists sounds very pleasant. And, who knows? I may even sell some books.

Shy Ghosts has been available for over a year now. If you haven’t bought your copy yet, what in the world would compel you to do so now? I am so glad you asked!

I’ve written some one-sentence stories that fit the tone of the original stories in my book. I’ve written them on the title page of some copies, which I’ll take to Alaska Rod’s Friday night, to autograph for anyone who wants to purchase one. In other words, I’ll have a limited supply of my book with an extra, extremely short story added.

At the moment, I’ve written 10 of these one-sentence stories. Since I’ll only use each story once, these augmented copies will be one-of-a-kind. If you’d like one, come see me at Alaska Rod’s between 5:00 and 7:30 p.m. Friday, February 9, and tell me you’d like a copy with an extra story. They’re yours while they last! And, nobody knows about these except you, because you read this post—and any of your friends or family you choose to tell.

If this weekend is a success, other “Downtown After Dark” themed events may be scheduled throughout the year. The businesses participating Friday and Saturday are Alaska Rod’s, The Babbling Book (another place where you’ll find Shy Ghosts),
Buckshot & Bobby Pins, Radio Shack (a.k.a. Haines Cable TV and Stitch Em Up Designs), The Hungry Moose, Lost Coast Surf Shop, and Miles Furniture.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Astrid says:

    I wish we lived that close that we would be able to come at the signing…good luck and hope you sell lots of books.

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