Now We Know That You Are a Shooting Star

By , June 3, 2012

With apologies to Bad Company . . . .

For years we’ve watched a plant in one of our flower gardens. Michelle has long had her suspicions of the plant’s identity, based on its foliage. Recently, after more than 5 years, it put out buds and bloomed for the first time. Michelle’s guess was correct: we have shooting stars.

shooting stars

Our shooting stars growing in one of the door yard gardens (Photo: Michelle Zeiger).

Shooting stars grow wild in Southeast Alaska. We’re thrilled to have some in our yard. As you can see in the photo, they’re blooming right alongside forget-me-nots, the Alaska state flower. These are two of our favorite wildflowers.

Our general rule is that we don’t cultivate plants we can’t eat. Most of the flowers we grow are edibles. Shooting stars and forget-me-nots are two notable exceptions.

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