Summer In Her Suitcase

By , June 24, 2012

The joke that Aly must have brought summer home in her suitcase is getting kind of old, but if that’s what it takes to pay for the two days of hot, sunny weather we’ve enjoyed recently, it’s worth it. Friday reached the low 70s according to our thermometer, which measures temperatures on the shadiest side of the house. Saturday reached 75°, which means out in the sun it was probably closer to the predicted 84°.

We’ve been enjoying the mornings briefly, then working frantically the rest of the day. Michelle’s been tackling the garden, I’ve been cutting firewood and hauling it out to the beach to dry in the sun and wind. Those are the top-tier jobs; secondary tasks are too numerous to mention. The expression, “make hay while the sun shines” holds especially true on the homestead. On the radio the announcer chatted about getting out on the water, going hiking, playing baseball. Are they kidding? Who has the time for leisure? This has been a cold, wet summer so far. Days like we’ve had recently seem too precious to squander on recreation.

We did take some time to go swimming in Mud Bay on Saturday afternoon, a much-deserved cool down break toward the end of a very hot, busy day.

Everyone’s wondering if we’ll get any more days like this. We’re all hoping we will, but spending them as if they have to last us for a while.

Sunday is forcasted to be somewhat similar, but a southerly is predicted to whip up in the afternoon. To play it safe, we’re assuming it’ll bring rain.

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