Kitchen Renovation

By , August 18, 2012

Our first order of business upon returning to couple status has been to install a new countertop in our kitchen.

Our kitchen counter consists of the cabin’s original cabinet, with an additional 2 feet or so from the wood box I built next to it. Shortly after we moved in, we repainted the plywood counter, but it has chipped, stained, and mildewed in the cracks since then, and needs help.

sink renovation

Ick! The current condition of the sink counter (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

This project has been in the planning stages for a long time. A friend who runs one of the local hardware stores gave us a scrap end of linoleum flooring that, while not formica in the latest designer color, will suit our needs just fine, for the price of adhesive.

In the tradition of tackling big jobs for Michelle’s birthday, we committed to the installation as soon as Aly left for college. This would mean that our dirty dish load will be lighter, and fewer people will be inconvenienced. For the duration of the project, we’ll still have running water from our gravity fed system, but we won’t be using the sink drains. Instead, we’ll keep our dish tubs in the sinks, and pour any accumulated water down the shower drain.

Michelle considers this a stop-gap project. It’ll do until she realizes her longterm goal of rebuilding the cabinet. Rumor has it that one will be covered with formica—perhaps even in the latest designer color.

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