Kitchen Renovation Continues

By , August 20, 2012

Resurfacing our kitchen counter continues. The project has been very rewarding so far. We’re taking it slow, largely to allow maximum cure time for adhesives and caulks. Also, this is the first time we’ve tackled a project of this sort, so we’re learning as we go.

supervisor 01

We must get management off the backs of the workers! Michelle cuts vinyl while Spice supervises from a discrete distance (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

supervisor 02

(Photo: Mark Zeiger).

The results are very gratifying, so far! We have the vinyl laid and secured, and the sinks reset and caulked. We’re going to trim it all in mahogany molding, most of which we cut and fit yesterday. Today we return to “new normal,” as Michelle goes back to work after a few days off around Aly’s departure for down south. While in town, she’ll pick up a good, waterproof wood sealer, and perhaps some stain for the trim. We’re also going to add a back stop to the counter, cut from a section of an old wooden child’s crib. It will prevent soap dishes and other objects from getting knocked off the back of the counter.

counter progress

Michelle cleans up adhesive “gush” in the seams of the new vinyl covering (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

We estimate that it’ll be completed, which means done and fully cured, by mid-week. In the meantime, I’m setting up a dishwashing station in the yard.

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