I’m an Expert—Just Ask Me!

By , August 26, 2012

Here’s something I did recently that’s a little weird: I have declared myself a Homesteading Expert.

I occasionally read, and have bought material from the homesteading, off-the-grid, simple living magazine Mother Earth News, so I’m on their email list. Most of the emails they send I delete, but one caught my eye.

It said: “Participate in Homesteading Education Month this September!”

Mother Earth News and its partner publication, Grit have proclaimed September “International Homestead Education Month” to promote more sustainable, self-reliant living. To facilitate promotion of the lifestyle, they’re providing resources and lists of events, and have created a database of guest speakers. After looking over the field, I decided to make myself available for groups interested in hearing first-hand what our life has been like here on the Zeiger Family “Homestead.”

Of course, if you read the blog, you already know much of what I might say, although in a live format, it would be very different. For one thing, if brought in to speak, I’d surely devote as much time as possible to questions and answers. After all, what better way to give people the specific information they’re after, than to ask what that might be? Also, the exact topics I spoke on would depend on what the group presenting me would like to hear about.

I’ve had a lot of public speaking experience, starting when I was pretty young, but I’ve had very few opportunities to be a guest speaker on topics that I love.

I don’t imagine I’ll get too many calls for the coming month, but who knows? It was worth signing up for, and maybe I’ll get a chance to speak to a group of like-minded people or two, and have some fun. Maybe there’s a group in California or the French Riviera that’s dying to know what off-the-grid living in Alaska is like? Heck, I’d be pleased with something in western Washington, so I can sneak in a visit to Aly!

Read more about International Homesteading Education Month, or look for me in the Mother Earth News Speaker Finder.

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