Kitchen Counter Complete

By , September 12, 2012

A fewdays ago we finished the kitchen countertop. We’ve been enjoying the new surface and its trim for a while, but the finishing touch, a rail along the back of the counter, had to wait for a couple of coats of stain and sealant before it could be put in place.

new counter top

The finished counter top. Just add clutter . . . (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

The rail comes from a baby crib that came with the property. We’ve found many uses for the crib components, especially this particular piece. It will now keep soap dishes and other objects from taking unplanned dives off the back of the counter.

From start to finish, this certainly took longer than we anticipated, but because everything needs to stand up to the damp, we wanted to make sure the sealants had properly cured. We’re already finding that the improved work surface is well worth the wait.


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