Back for More Berries

By , September 18, 2012

On Saturday, we went back for more blueberries. We experienced an entirely different day than the first trip, with cloudy, misty weather on the mountainside. We didn’t get rained on much, but the bushes were so wet, we soaked through our rain pants before we got to the top of the knoll we had targeted for picking.

No matter. We picked hard in a beautiful setting (I took the photos from my last post up there). The Tier II Subsistence Moose Hunt started that day, so I kept an eye out for moose, but I have to admit, berries took up most of my attention.

We harvested more than two gallons of prime berries. Sunday, I made wine and blueberry pie filling while Michelle made a light sugar syrup in which to can whole berries, then we canned the berries and the filling. Blueberry wine apparently needs to age for a long time (and is hard to get yeast started in, I’m discovering) so we’ll be drinking it next year, when we go out to pick berries in 2013.

canned blueberries

Blueberry pie filling and whole berries, canned and ready for winter (PHoto: Mark Zeiger).

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