A Slight Shift in the Blog

By , October 2, 2012

A bit of blog “housekeeping” . . . .

For the past 3 years, I’ve written for two blogs, this one, and Self-Reliance-Works (SRW). The latter is a team of self reliance advocates presenting tips and tricks for pursuing a more frugal, independent lifestyle.

For a long time I attempted to coordinate posts between the two blogs. Originally, I posted on SRW, then add the same post (sometimes altered slightly) to this blog a few days later. For reasons that are complicated and largely uninteresting, this became problematic. Eventually, I decided to filter my posts. Anything regarding our activities on the homestead would get posted here, and perhaps be added later to SRW. Anything that seemed more instructional or advisory would start on SRW, and perhaps appear here later.

I liked this idea, because I’m pedantic by nature—I love to teach! Posting my instructional pieces primarily to SRW put them in a forum where people would expect to find such posts, and keep me from getting too heavy handed here on the homestead blog.

Eventually, I figured out that relatively few people follow both blogs. Also, a lot of the comments we receive from readers of this blog seek much of the same instruction and advice that I’d been posting on SRW. Even worse, I’ve discovered that some of what I consider to be key posts have never made the leap from SRW to this blog! It’s time to stop that.

I’ve been sorting through 3 years of posts on SRW, and have pulled over a month’s worth of material that should be included on this blog. I won’t be dumping it all at once, but you may notice a more pedantic mood to the blog over the next couple of weeks at least. I’ll need to update most of them, I’ll re-edit (and hopefully improve) each one before posting, and some will need to wait for their proper season.

Or, perhaps not. I’ve been aware of this for a long time, and have made more of an effort to add an element of instruction and advice to this post over the last few months. If there is a period of adjustment, it should be relatively short. I hope you’ll bear with! Soon enough I’ll be back to misadventures, missteps, and other bumblings.


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