Aly Launches Hand-Knit Dinosaur Toy Line in Time for Christmas

By , November 16, 2012

By now, you may already be too late for Christmas . . . .

Aly loves to knit. She joined her college’s Fiber Arts Club as a freshman, and this year she’s training to be one of its coordinators. Last summer she started sculpting animals, knitting forms freehand. She started with a dragon, then knitted a baby dragon emerging from an egg, then a dinosaur, and a whale. Since then, she’s come up with a handful of designs, and, at the urging of friends, is prepared to custom-make them for sale. [This link will take you to her normal store page now that the sale is over.]

I’m handling her on line orders, but all the proceeds go to her, to help with college, rent, food, and anything else she needs money for. Right now, she’s accepting about 4 custom orders with a pre-Christmas delivery date. Once that goal is reached, she’ll begin taking “every day” orders, with a little slower turnaround (she figures each animal takes her about a week to complete). It’s her first “micro-income.”

Gosh, I’m proud of my daughter! Can you tell?

Aly's hand-knit dinosaurs

A shot of Aly’s prototypes on the “factory floor.” She’s adding eyes to them soon (Photo: Aly Zeiger).

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