Safety First!

By , January 14, 2013

The seep that came down our main trail around Christmas time has all but melted away, but while it was in its prime, friends hiked out to visit. Michelle marked the seep and a couple of others, higher on the trail, with one of our “gifts from the sea,” safety cones.

safety cone

“Safety First!” on slippery decks, whether on land or sea (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

These safety cones wash up on our beach every once in a while. Much idle speculation has been devoted to the question of whether they are blown or thrown from the decks of passing ferries or tour ships. In true pack rat fashion, we store them till needed, whatever that need may eventually prove to be. Ironically, they came in handy for us in their original capacity: warning of slick walking surfaces. Just goes to show—one never knows, does one?

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