It’s National [Illegible] Day

By , January 23, 2013

In early December, I added the January pages to my Franklin-Covey planner. Each month I adjust my planner to contain the current month and the ones immediately before and after. I opened the archive binder that held January 2012 and began copying dates off of it onto the January calendar section.

One entry stumped me. It seemed to be some sort of national observance, but I couldn’t read what I’d written there a year ago. I squinted at it, puzzled over it, and eventually reached for my magnifier to enlarge it. Finally, I read:

“National Handwriting Day.”

Well, that’s a bit ironic.

As you may know from previous posts like this one, handwriting’s a pretty big issue for me. In my defense, I still use my old, printed capitals script in my planners. I sometimes consider switching to cursive, as I did in my personal journals back in 2006, but so far, I haven’t. Even my printing is not that legible sometimes, apparently even for me. I could claim the defense that the space I’d written it in was very small, but even so, it’s embarrassing.

So then, to day is National Handwriting Day (also my big brother’s birthday!). I doubt there are any parades, feasts, or church services scheduled for it. Even so, maybe today might be a good day to sit down and write someone you love a letter, by hand. Don’t worry, even if they can’t read your handwriting, they’ll love receiving it! But, in honor of the day, you might want to focus on legibility, as I will be.

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