Wine Light

By , February 10, 2013

Holy cow! I took this photo to show you a nice moment of sunshine in the cabin. This occurred January 9th. Time’s gotten away from me.

wine light

Still life with wine (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

A shaft of sunlight came across the garden, through the wind break in front of the cabin and shined in one of the picture windows, catching the wine jugs just right.

I suppose I should have used this to illustrate my recent post on fermentation. The two jugs on the left are ginger perry, the two on the right are raisin “riesling.” The blue lidded container in the center is sourdough starter.

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  1. Linn Hartman says:

    Here in Arkansas we would call you a little ole bootlegger. My friend is a preacher and his brother is a longtime bootlegger. Think the brother has the bigger congregation. I have a federal license to make alchohol for ethanol. My wife was never too keen about it. She is worried that my finger would slip getting the alchohol into the gasoline and I would have to continually lick it off.

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