Memory Found!

By , June 8, 2013

My Franklin Covey planner has returned to me!

I went to town yesterday to run some errands, and decided to stop by our friend Ralph’s Garage Sale Store (see Museum of Lost Desires), one of the two places I last had the planner. I intended to browse, mostly, but thought it wouldn’t hurt to retrace my steps a little more.

It seemed like a long shot. Michelle had looked through the place twice, and Ralph had been looking for it ever since. I’d given it up for lost (see Memory Loss).  Still, I had the time, so I stopped by.

When I arrived, Ralph said he’d just found the planner! It was in a corner, where I’d set it down to look at something, much as I suspected. He said he’d passed by it all week, and had only seen shortly before I stopped in. He had promised to email me if he found it, but he’s been having connectivity issues all week. If I hadn’t visited, it’s hard to tell when he could he reached me.

He’s such a sweet, honest guy that he assumed the planner was mine—he wouldn’t even open it to confirm it! Everything I thought I’d lost permanently was still safe inside.

I’m perfectly willing to eat crow. I’m hugely relieved to have this information back, to learn that it had been safe all the time. I regret the suspicions I harbored against the people around us at the laundromat and the store.

Sadly, though I hadn’t lost my information to a dishonest person, it was entirely possible to do so. If there’s one person in Haines I’ve felt sorrier for than myself this past week, it’s the person who saved up for a year to purchase a kayak. Two weeks later, someone stole it! As far as I know, it has yet to be found or returned.

5 Responses to “Memory Found!”

  1. Virginia White says:

    I’m so glad your planner turned up. I’ve been checking your blog every day for the good news. Congratulations for hanging in there.

  2. Linn Hartman says:

    Great! Glad it found you.

  3. Judy says:

    Hurray! Happy New Year! Happy Ground Hog Day! Remember Flag Day too – June 14th! You better put one of those janitor’s pocket chains on your Planner…when you go to town in the future. (The only items people lose in laundromats are towels!)

  4. Joanna says:

    I’m so glad! I was thinking about your favorite fleece that you found washed up…and hoping this story would end a similar way. By the way, I’ve been getting a little giggle every time the AK weather is warmer than NYC…hope you and Michelle can appreciate those moments, too! Enjoy your summer (?)

  5. Mark Zeiger says:

    Thanks Joanna. This was even better than the coat and hat, because it wasn’t damaged at all.

    We’ve been enjoying some warm weather, hard to believe we’re warmer than NY, though. You should come up while the weather’s good!

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