Sacred Coffee Goes to Print

By , June 16, 2013

Contrary to my initial plans, Sacred Coffee: A “Homesteader’s” Paradigm is now available in print. I just couldn’t resist the process of preparing it for print-on-demand. And I have to say, I’m very happy with the results!


I’d thought to keep it strictly in ebook form, but there’s nothing wrong with making the print version available for those who want it (hopefully, someone will!).

The two versions are very similar, almost identical. It’s primarily available through Creatspace,’s print on demand company. Amazon has it, too, as does Google Books. It’ll show up at Barnes & Noble and other on line vendors soon. You can also order autographed copies from me on our store page. Be sure to ask your local independent bookstore, they can get it for you.

The first printing is already headed to Haines. Alaska Rod’s will sell it as soon as I deliver some copies. I’ll be signing both my books there for the tourists (and anyone else) on some of the rainier Wednesdays (tourship days) this summer. I have to talk to our local independent bookstore, The Babbling Book about carrying it as well.

If you’re in Haines, you can always get it from me, as I’ll be lugging plenty of copies around in the car. I have to charge sales tax, I’m afraid, but you can get it autographed!

Oddly, putting the book out in print was actually a first step toward something more ambitious, and a whole lot more fun: I’m recording it as an audiobook!

Stay tuned.

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