Aly/Daddy Time

By , September 13, 2013

On Tuesday, Aly and I kayaked south from Mud Bay along Chilkat Peninsula.

We had nearly perfect conditions. Lynn Canal that calm day was flat and silky. Other than a few light rain showers, we had paddled under cool, cloudy skies. Knifing through the water in our new-to-us single kayaks (see We Need to Get Out More!) we covered a lot of territory in very little time, with very little effort.

Aly kayaking in Lynn Canal (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Aly kayaking in Lynn Canal (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

We beach hopped along the way, exploring the gravel and sand beaches on the east shore of the peninsula. We found some interesting jetsam on the beach, including a men’s jacket we believe we can salvage, and some net floats. We also went into the forest above the beaches, where we found lots of edible mushrooms and clear sign of recent moose activity. The latter has particular significance, as the local subsistence permit hunt begins in a few days. I could easily imagine heading down that way for the hunt.

Mostly, though, we had some classic Aly/Daddy Time. No need to utter a word for long periods, lost in our own thoughts, but always companionable, talking quietly when the need or desire arose. We shared an afternoon of discovery, exploration, and fun. Harbor porpoises fished around us, a seal spied on us, and ducks drifted by without giving us a second glance. The only way we could have improved it would be if Michelle had been with us.

Aly enjoys the view from her favorite among the beaches we visited (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Aly enjoys the view from her favorite among the beaches we visited (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

When we returned to Mud Bay, I cut to the home side to pick up the family’s double kayak while Aly landed on the road side. I joined her, we moored the single kayaks there, and then paddled the double kayak to the home shore. Michelle’s work kept her in town until high tide that evening and the next, but each evening, she had a kayak to ferry her across the bay toward home.

Aly leaves for college on Saturday evening. Hopefully, we’ll manage to get all three of us out in the kayaks for an adventure before then.

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