Upcycled Bottle Scrubbies

By , September 25, 2013

Experimental knitting is lots of fun for me. I enjoy the initial “what if?” as much as the final product. Last summer, I started making dinosaurs, after a dragon started looking like a sauropod. I spread from there to a triceratops, and today I can boast over a dozen different prehistoric creatures. This summer, while continuing this expansion (my latest creation is a “rainbow raptor” nicknamed for the variegated yarn I knit it with). You can see some of these creations on my store page. I am also working on an upcycling project.

Aly's scrubbies, knit from produce nets (Photo: Aly Zeiger).

My scrubbies, knit from produce nets (Photo: Aly Zeiger).

My grandmother has a dish-scrubby crocheted from the plastic mesh bags that some vegetables come in. Although my crochet skills are indifferent at best, I tried making some of these on my own. The resulting scrubbies were functional, but not particularly exciting. My first attempt used mesh that fell apart when I cut it up. It works, but I leave little scraps of plastic in my dishwater. The mesh that is fused together works much better.

Recently, I switched to knitting with the same materials, with far more satisfactory results. I also switched from making short strips of mesh to making a continuous strip by spiraling down the bag.

Encouraged by this and looking for a way to scrub out my water bottle, I made little pockets of mesh and enclosed small (previously washed) rocks in them. My idea was based on several things, including the marbles my mom adds to her canning bath that rattle around the pot when the water inside boils. I tested two of my scrubby rocks in my dirty water bottle, with enough success that I knew they’d work—I just needed to add elbow grease and maybe vinegar.

These scrubby rocks really please me. Not only are they fast to make and effective, they use entirely reused and found materials. I was so excited when they worked that I immediately made half a dozen more, though I didn’t really need that many. I gave some away, and will likely find homes for the rest of them around town. I’ll make a new batch now that I’ve returned to school—there are plenty of materials here. After making them for myself and friends, I’ll likely sell them (cheaply) at my school’s arts and crafts fair.

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  1. robing race says:

    Very cool Aly! You have really taken off! Hope this is a good school year for you,

    Hugs, Robin

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