While We’re Away…

By , November 22, 2013

For us, preparing to travel has always been a matter of making checklists and completing them. We’re lucky to have started that early, as leaving the “homestead” is far more complex than locking up the house and taking off for the airport.

Thursday, we headed to the Lower 48 to spend Thanksgiving with family. Even though we’ll have friends watching the property, we shut down most of the operations: braking the wind generator, turning off the water, insulating everything that might freeze against the possibility that the cabin temperatures may drop too low at certain times of the day.

Along with this, I’ve got a list for the blog.

We’re traveling without our computer. We won’t be accessing the Internet with our phones, or my reading device. Therefore, connection will be spotty. I’m not going to say we’re going completely off line, as no doubt we’ll check email at Aly’s apartment, and at our host family’s house, but I’m not counting on it. It’ll be haphazard, sporadic, and opportunistic at best.

In light of that, I’ve scheduled posts roughly every other day until our return in early December. Please, comment as you see fit, as always. However, please don’t be impatient if we don’t post your comment right away or comment on it.

Likewise, if you follow us on Facebook, we won’t be on there much either. I see they have a new feature that allows scheduling posts, so I may be able to keep up the usual mention of blog posts as they happen.

This also means that orders made on the store page will be a bit delayed. Still, now’s the time to order for Christmas! Artwork orders are handled by Café Press and won’t depend on us being here, but if you want it by Christmas, I recommend ordering now!

At any rate, “stay tuned” for news, enjoy the pre-scheduled posts and know that you, dear reader, continue to be much on my mind throughout the holiday break.

Happy Thanksgiving!

5 Responses to “While We’re Away…”

  1. Jessie S. says:

    Safe travels!

  2. Patricia says:

    I don’t comment often, or really, ever, but I do enjoy the blog, and I wish you and yours a happy turkey day!

  3. Astrid says:

    Have a safe trip a wonderful visits and a family filled Thanksgiving.

  4. Charity says:

    I would love to meet you while you are in the greater Seattle area – but I’m in Liberia right now and won’t be back until mid-December!

  5. Mark Zeiger says:

    Hi Charity, Liberia sounds a little out of the way after all. Probably just as well. We’re at the mercy of the winds of relations (and some of them are pretty windy, I tell ya!) and likely couldn’t connect even if you were in Seattle. Someday, though–maybe over a bottle of your favorite beverage either on our veranda, or your Oregon property? Happy Thanksgiving!

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