Winter “Widower”

By , December 13, 2013

A hefty winter storm hitting the Southeast Alaska panhandle has left me a “winter widower” for the time being.

Currently, high tide hits the bay in the morning, meaning that Michelle would have to leave the house before 6:00 a.m. to cross ahead of the high. Normally, this is just an inconvenience, but when snow accumulates quickly, she would need to creep to town on unplowed roads, or wait for the state snow plows to come through.

On Wednesday, she told me she would call when she got to town. An hour and a half later, he called to tell me she’d made it to Letnikof Cove, a few miles from our roadside parking place. Later that day, she arranged to spend the night with friends.

This is, of course, my opportunity to carpet the floor with empty pizza boxes, sit around playing video games in dirty underwear, and entertain myself with a variety of rude body noises.

But, no. I’d happily go for the pizza aspect of the plan, if I could get someone to deliver out here.

Instead, I’m trying to catch up on all the other jobs I’ve let slide while rebuilding the water system (see Danger and Opportunity). I can’t proceed without the presence of the new water heater, which we’ve been keeping in the boathouse. I need Michelle’s help to haul it over here and position it, so the job’s stalled till she returns. I am considering bringing it over on the pulk. The complication comes from needing to make sure I don’t damage the paint.

As soon as we purchased the new/used agua heater, Michelle laid plans to cover up its unenthusiastic green color. She painted it black, because that was the only color of heat-tolerant paint available. I don’t dare ding that paint to reveal the green underneath. I know how to keep peace in the family!

As I write, Johnny Mathis sings Let it Snow and Marshmallow World (from The Christmas Music of Johnny Mathis: A Personal Collection). I’m trying to instill a sense of the Christmas season here, despite being alone, and having no time to decorate, but I’m beginning to feel as if he’s mocking me!

Michelle will likely be home by Thursday evening. Then we can be snowed in together. Let it snow then!

Happy St. Lucia Day! (see St. Lucia Day, December 13th: A Swedish Christmas Tradition Featuring Breakfast in Bed!)


2 Responses to “Winter “Widower””

  1. Linn Hartman says:

    Early this year you posted a picture of your wife heading off to work with a pack of dirty clothes to be washed. Our dryer had just went out and I suggested to my wife that she could hike to the laundry mat-not received well-I just read her this post-crossing the bay-driving the unplowed roads (we still have ice and freezing temps) while you languish at the cabin-sorry Mark but she did not have kind words for you-Got get off for now -just been summoned to mop the floor – ha – press on

  2. Mark Zeiger says:

    That’s okay, Linn, I know better than to expect sympathy! 🙂

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