Rogue Moose Taken Down

By , June 13, 2014

The neighorhood’s breathing a bit easier these days. Word has it that the cow moose that had been charging people on the trails (see Through Moose Infested Forests) has been put down by Fish & Game.

I don’t recall anything like this since we’ve been here. Apparently, this cow didn’t have a calf, she just didn’t like people, and presented enough of a danger that she had to be dealt with.

They say the moose was a two-year old, which means it wasn’t the cow I’ve had a few run-ins with here in the compound (see Charged By a Moose). I haven’t seen her for a year or more now, so she may have moved on. Nor is it likely she was the young cow I came face-to-face with on our guest house trail a few years ago. If this rogue ever visited our “homestead,” it was with her mother when she was a calf.

Neither Michelle or I ever saw the rogue. I found moose tracks on the trail to the bay, but that’s all.

We’re still on guard. The rogue may be gone, but it’s likely that cow/calf moose pairs might still be around. It’s the season to keep one’s eyes open.

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