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By , June 16, 2014

I’ve spoken before about follow up, and lack thereof on this blog (see Random Notes). In a way, I suppose that’s fine. Since I tend to view this site as a collection of essays rather than a true log or diary, I should allow the majority of issues to be representative, without follow up in most cases. On the other hand, if I’m to keep true to the blog’s original intent, which is to keep friends and family apprised of our activities, it doesn’t hurt to update a bit every now and then.

Since bragging that I’d used the same crystal deodorant for two years last February (see Deodorant Crystals for Frugal, Effective Hygiene) I’ve been very curious to see how much longer it would last. The answer: till mid-June. Using the marble sized crystal the other day, I dropped it. It landed whole on the kitchen rug, but when I stepped back to pick it up, I stepped on it and crushed it into rubble.

So. No more suspense from that quarter anymore. I said they were fragile.

I’m happy to report that the audiobook edition of my book, Sacred Coffee: A “Homesteader’s” Paradigm is now for sale in the Sheldon Museum gift shop in Haines! It joins the print edition of that book, and my other one, Shy Ghosts Dancing: Dark Tales from Southeast Alaska, both of which have been available in the gift shop pretty much since the first print runs.

I’ve also set up a mechanism for publishers to request review copies of any title put out by my company, Yeldagalga Publications, LLC. Not that I expect that to happen, but if it does, I’m ready now.

I also see that Powell’s Bookstore in Portland, Oregon carries both books. They’ve lost a lot of their soul since I spent time there in my college years, but I still get a kick out of having my own work there.

Aly will arrive home July 7th. We don’t know how long she’ll stay, but she’s got at least one job in town, so we hope she’ll be around much of the summer. She just finished her year at college, which included her trip to Ireland (see “I Would Bring You Ireland”). She learned in her evaluation that the Irish language instructor there told the professor that Aly’s pronunciation of Irish (Gaelic, as we call it) “approached native-level fluency.” How about that? She’ll graduate from college next spring.

My foot continues to improve (see A Gentleman of Forced Leisure) thanks to wetter weather lately, which makes me feel less guilty about sitting around so much. Hopefully, it’ll heal completely soon, because there’s a lot to be done around here, as always.

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