The Rule of Three

By , July 16, 2014

Aly’s home for the summer. We’re transitioning between being a couple to being a trio, reversing what has become our normal (see Homestead 2.0). We’re returning to The Rule of Threes.

Dishes need to be expanded from the recipes we’ve become used to. Many of them, pizzas and pies particularly, must be cut in thirds rather than the easy half. I find it necessary to catch more fish for dinner. Where Michelle and I have been able to eke out a meal on a single good sized Dolly Varden, I need at least two for the three of us. Three is even better, if there are to be leftovers for lunches. I’ve been fishing for the salmon on their summer run past the cabin. Other than one or two exciting strikes, I’ve had no luck yet.

We also need to adjust transportation, using the double kayak more often. The two little kayaks that get most of our attention (see We Need to Get Out More!) don’t cut it anymore. I’m considering trying to borrow a third single, to give us even more mobility.

Aly arranged her summer work schedule around Michelle’s, so they go to town Monday through Thursday. She’s working with a local archaeologist on a summer class. They’ll be focusing on Haines’s cannery history, which should be interesting. We’ll have some very edifying dinner conversations this summer! Ironically, that means I’m a bachelor homesteader much of the week, even with a full house.

Whatever effort these adjustments take is well worth it to have our daughter back home. We feel complete again, that’s the simplest way to express it. With luck, on a future visit, Aly will bring her boyfriend with her, and we can go back to even divisions again.

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