Monsoon Trail

By , September 28, 2014

Southeast Alaska has monsoon rains right now. Supposedly, most of it’s hitting the southern panhandle, but we’re getting plenty—we’ve recorded 2½ inches in our rain gauge in the last 48 hours.

I guess I’m not so sad about missing out on moose hunting right now (see Sidelined). We find enough adventure in hiking in and out of the “homestead” to visit Michelle’s parents at the inn.

The trail's riprap overwhelmed by runoff (Photo: Michelle L. Zeiger).

The trail’s riprap overwhelmed by runoff (Photo: Michelle L. Zeiger).

Today we hiked the trail in a step/turn/drag cadence, sweeping spruce needle dams out of the runoff flows on the trail. Michelle took some photos, the best of which I include here. This is the walkway we built a few years ago (see Trail Improvements). The mud and debris clogged the passageway under the logs, so the rainwater’s flowing over the riprap at this point.

I feel like we get hit with rainstorms more often than not at this time of year, but this one seems a little heavier than usual.

(My apologies: I wrote this in the midst of the last-day visit with the parents.)

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