Coffee Experimentation: Doodles in the Report’s Margins

By , November 6, 2014

During my recent study and analysis of my coffee making methods (see Exploring Coffee’s “Magic Ratio”) I unearthed a few items that seem worth mentioning.

I learned that some people take this whole question much more seriously than I do. On the Website Edible Jersey, I found them taking a very scientific approach to coffee making. While my method tends to follow many of their recommendations in a general fashion, I doubt I’ll ever get so meticulous as to weigh my coffee grounds. That seems much too complicated, especially not before a cup of coffee! Better to use a more Zen approach, in my opinion.

One of the best articles on how to make a proper cup of coffee—and by “best” I mean “that which aligns most closely to the way I already make it!”—came from an interesting source: Fartbox Coffee.

Yes, Fartbox. According to their Website, they named their brand of coffee for their live aboard sail boat.

I am simultaneously intrigued and appalled. I admire these people for their willingness to forego any sense of dignity and romance to tell it like it is with the name of their boat. However, I highly doubt I’ll be hoisting an aromatic cup of Fartbox anytime soon.

I also recall that this most recent exploration isn’t my first in this arena. In the earliest days of the blog, I wrote about experimenting with a percolator (see An”Old Fashioned” Cup of Coffee).

Like most coffee lovers, I use different methods depending on circumstances and available tools. To finish this current coffee jag, I’ll share a method I use when I’m camping in an upcoming post.

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