Christmas Now and Then

By , December 6, 2014

As far as we’re concerned, it’s Christmas time! Starting the day after Thanksgiving and lasting until Twelfth Night on January 6th, the “homestead” is in Christmas mode.

Christmas 2013 (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger)

Christmas 2013 (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger)

Every year, I feel the need to apologize for our seasonal focus. I know that many people don’t celebrate Christmas, or feel that it holds center stage for too long. Many will no doubt be offended by the ways we choose to observe the season.

However, this blog always focuses on what’s uppermost in mind, if at all appropriate to share, so in the coming weeks many posts will no doubt center on Christmas activities and thoughts.

Not that it’ll all be about Christmas. I believe in emergent content. Who knows what topic will pop up next? Life is too unpredictable to focus solely on one topic at a time in a blog like this (recent coffee obsessions notwithstanding!).

Those of you who, like us, can hardly get enough of Christmas, should be pleased. And, if we don’t focus on it enough, follow us on Facebook! On the days we don’t post links to new content here, we’re featuring “Posts of Christmas Past,” choice essays on the season from past years. Many of you refuse to use Facebook, which I consider extremely wise of you. If so, don’t worry, most of those older posts will end up as links in this year’s Christmas season posts, no doubt!

Incidentally, today is Saint Nicholas Day, December 6th!

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