Aly’s Home!

By , December 18, 2014

Aly arrived home for Christmas on Monday! Now our Christmas season progresses full speed ahead. For all we cared, we could have rolled the trail up behind us as we hiked home, and not resurfaced till after the new year.

I regret that my last post, EROEI, set such a harsh tone on a day we experienced so much happiness. Truthfully, I wrote that essay several years ago at the end of a project that proved too wasteful of my time and effort. Since the writing Website I’d been entangled with went black on Monday, and because we had much to do before Aly arrived, I saw that the old essay had new relevance, and would provide content within my deadline without taking up too much time. Despite my relief at putting that experience behind me, its tone did not in any way reflect our attitude on the day! Who cares what else may be happening—our girl came home!

We started a big pot of ribolita on Sunday, so that Monday evening, we could heat and serve a favorite family dish. The cabin glowed softly in the oil lamp and Christmas tree light, while we glowed with the relief and satisfaction of sitting down together as a family at Christmas time.

Michelle returned to work on Tuesday, so Aly and I have the run of the place, unsupervised. We’re filling our days with rambles through the forest, killer backgammon tournaments (see A Gift of Time for Christmas: Consenting to Learn Backgammon), baking, and of course, lots of talk and laughter. Michelle will take Christmas week off from work, so we look forward to that time especially.

I often contemplate the “time out of time” aspect of the Christmas season. These unstructured days of quiet togetherness are ineffibly precious. We intend to make the most of it while we can. In the meantime, please excuse any missed postings and other ignored responsibilities while we celebrate Aly’s home coming.

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