No Day to Leave Home

By , January 3, 2015

We put Aly on the ferry yesterday afternoon, putting a major dent in our Christmas celebration.

This probably is no more true than a lot of “doesn’t it always seem like…” observations, but it sure seems like the best days on the “homestead” are the ones where someone has to leave. We constantly step out the door to begin the hike to the road, only to turn and stop to stare at the view for a while. As one prepares to depart, one wonders why one would want to do that!

This happened yesterday, as it often does. Our temperatures dropped as a northerly gale revved up into a 50 knot storm that’s expected to linger and increase for the next day or so. Hopefully, Aly’s plane will get out of Juneau all right.

Now that she’s gone, we need to figure out a way to rev up our last few days of Christmas between now and Twelfth Night!

One last look before leaving (Photo: Sarah Zeiger)

One last look before leaving (Photo: Sarah Zeiger)

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  1. Norma Walston says:

    Wow, what a view. Living here in East Texas with only hills, the mountains always call to me so I travel to them every year. But Tyler is home so I remain in the hills still looking forward to our cruise in May to Ketchikan, Juneau, Sitka, Glacier Bay. Thanks so much for the blog and pictures. Look forward to your writings.

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