I Got Nothin’ Today…LOOK OVER THERE!

By , January 9, 2015

According to my self imposed schedule, I should be posting an essay today, but, honestly, I have nothing to offer at the moment. I have plenty on my mind right now, but nothing that would be interesting to share. I have plenty to do around the “homestead,” but it’s all standard tasks that you’ve read about before.

However, there’s good stuff going on in the blogosphere, so I’ll take this writer’s block induced opportunity to point you toward a new blog that just started two days ago: Michelle’s cousin, Valerie Harris, just launched The Foodie Medic: Helping You Find a Recipe for a Healthy Life.

Val grew up much like we live now, kind of on the fringes of the grid in the Skagit River Vally of Washington state. She’s a paramedic and an excellent cook. She also shares our attitudes and practices around slow, local, homegrown and cooked food. She also has posted some great photos of her life and work. I recommend you add her to your reading day. Check out The Foodie Medic here.

4 Responses to “I Got Nothin’ Today…LOOK OVER THERE!”

  1. Mark says:

    Funny you should post something about “standard tasks”. Lately it’s been on my mind about what routine tasks are like on the homestead. For example, taking a shower, finding a snack, runnng out of bread and milk…..

  2. Mark Zeiger says:

    Mark, thank you–I’ll work on something along those lines and post it in the coming days.

    Michelle suggested that I ask readers what they’d like to know about us, this is a good start! You read her mind.

  3. Mark says:

    My wife and I visited Alaska a few years ago and Alaska is constantly on our minds. We often wonder about what it would be like to live there. So You’re our connection. We want to hear about the day to day routines and more pictures. Thanks.

  4. Mark Zeiger says:

    Excellent. As usual, my day of writer’s block led to a bunch of new posts, but I’ll be working toward addressing your questions in the near future.

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