Looking Forward

By , January 25, 2015

Despite my efforts at mindfulness, at living in the moment (see Living in the Moment) I find myself looking forward to an awful lot in my life.

As I lie in bed in the moments before rising, I look forward to getting up and starting the day. I look forward to my morning cup of coffee, to starting the fire, to starting work on the next blog post, checking email, and all the other Internet tasks. I look forward to each meal as it approaches. I look forward to a glass of wine with dinner. I look forward to dessert that may come after dinner. I look forward to the evening at home. I look forward to bed time.

I look forward to time alone after Michelle has gone to work and I look forward to her coming back home. I look forward to doing the chores, and I look forward to finishing them.

Every day in every way, it seems I’m looking forward!

I do find much in life I don’t look forward to, or even dread, but it seems that the events I anticipate with pleasure far outweigh those I would rather avoid. Nor do any of them merit listing here.

Of all the subjective ways to gauge happiness, this one seems fairly straightforward. As it were . . . .

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