Chair Man of the Pack Board

By , March 25, 2015

A couple weeks ago, our patience paid off. We found a set of chairs that match the new dining table we got from a friend for free (see Downsizing the Dining Table). Since we moved that table to the “homestead,” we’ve watched the local classifieds and the second hand stores for the right chairs. I recently snapped a photo of a chair at some friends’ house that we liked, so that I could post a want ad for them myself. Before I got around to it, the chairs came to us.

In a manner of speaking.

Not at all precarious! (Photo: Michelle Zeiger).

Not at all precarious! (Photo: Michelle Zeiger).

Getting them home proved a project. Michelle went to look at them in town, liked and purchased them, then loaded them all into the car. The next morning I hiked out to the road with her when she went to work. We piled all four chairs onto our pack board, and I hauled them home.

It didn’t help that high winds blew a tree down on the trail. I carried along our child’s ax (see A Child’s Ax Can Do a Man’s Job) that proved too small to chop through the tree within the time available, but it did made quick work of the tangle of limbs that made stepping across the log difficult. To add to hiking conditions, we also got a snowstorm severe enough to close the schools later that same day.

He has the confidence of youth on his side! (Photo: Michelle Zeiger).

He has the confidence of youth on his side! (Photo: Michelle Zeiger).

Once I got them home, I swept the snow off of the chairs, dried them, and put our cushions on them. I then broke down the old chairs and stowed them in the guest cabin with their matching table.

We’re absolutely thrilled with the new chairs. While they don’t match the table’s current finish exactly, they’re very close. When we refinish the table this summer, we should be able to lighten its finish to match the chairs.

Besides matching the style nicely, they’re far more comfortable and sturdy than our old chairs. Since we got the table for free, we could easily justify the seller’s price for the chairs as a reasonable amount to pay for a now complete dining set.

2 Responses to “Chair Man of the Pack Board”

  1. Linn Hartman says:

    I have a couple of maple gliders with cushions you can have if you want to come and get them – not too bad for dozing

  2. Mark Zeiger says:

    Linn, if only I could! We have several places here where a glider would be just perfect!

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