Off Track

By , June 11, 2015

Perhaps you’ve noticed a drop in quality on the blog lately? I’m not keeping faithfully to the every-other-day post schedule. Topics stray somewhat from the usual focus on the “homestead” happenings.

As happens now and then, we’re traveling away from home. I don’t like to blog about that in general. While it is a part of our life, it’s not directly related to our life on the semi-remote property. Besides, even though friends and neighbors patrol the property daily for the sake of the cat and garden, I hesitate to broadcast to the world that we’re not there.

If you’re willing to be patient with us, we’ll reveal our reason for traveling at the height of our wood cutting, shore fishing and gardening season. As you may have guessed, only Aly’s activities could make us do this. On the 13th, if I get to it, I’ll provide more details.

In the meantime, we’re visiting with family, enjoying good weather, and dealing with the common conveniences of life that seem odd to us now: flush toilets, highway driving time and distances (including way too many traffic jams) and the like. We’re having fun, but beginning to long for home.

When I was young, our family budgeted visits “outside” every other year. The greatest difficulty was, and is, trying to see everyone and do everything in the short time allotted. Dad used to say, “everyone thinks they own a pice of our ticket.” Add to it the rarity of these trips. We inevitably wrack our brains to ensure that we’re not missing any vital tasks during the opportunity. That always adds stress and cost to the endeavor. Conversely, it makes the relief of returning home even sweeter.

I’ve discussed this on the blog during past trips, so I won’t belabor it further here. One can only retell the Country Mouse/City Mouse story so many times, after all. Before long we’ll be back on the land, and back on track with our lives and the blog.

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