By , June 17, 2015

Yesterday we returned to the “homestead” after more than two weeks of travel around Aly’s graduation. We had intended to race to the bay in time to cross ahead of the flood tide, but the ferry terminal ramp jammed, keeping us aboard for an additional half hour or so. We visited with friends in town, picked up and read the mail, then repacked our luggage and slogged across the flooded bay as the tide fell, wearing hip boots we’d stowed in the car against this eventuality.

Now we’re home, (over)sleeping in our own bed, drinking coffee and tea from our own mugs, tending our own tasks, and thinking our own thoughts.

Yesterday was hot and sunny, today is cool with rain showers, which feels great! The garden and forest have entered full on summer mode in our absence. We will likely eat strictly vegetarian for a while to keep up with the growth—at least until we get everything hauled in from the car and those batteries packed in (see The Nickel Iron Batteries Arrive). After that, I expect to fish to my heart’s content, anticipating the now inevitable side salads that will accompany the catch.

We enjoyed visiting family and friends, but I expect we’ll have a quiet week as we recharge after all the talking. Quiet, that is, except for Spice the cat. She’s ecstatic that we’ve returned, but she’s crying most of the time in a weird, automatic way. We suspect that she got into the habit in our absence, and may take a while to shake it.

I’ll try to get back to normal posting schedule on the blog, but I beg your indulgence. We will be decompressing in a number of ways. It may take a bit for blogworthy topics to develop.

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