Apple Pie!

By , August 15, 2015

Our region’s growing season has trended early this year. That includes apples, which we glean from the Charles Anway tree in the front yard of the Sheldon Museum (see Charles Anway Gives the Gift of Autumn).

Michelle stopped by to glean a bag on her way home from work. We cut up enough to make an apple pie and about 3 quarts of apple sauce.

First apple gleaning of the season (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

First apple gleaning of the season (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

We’ve been eating the extra apple sauce we didn’t can almost every day with homemade yogurt. The pie, though! I have long wondered what my favorite pie might be. Apple has always been a strong contender, competing with cherry and pumpkin for the top spot. After this pie, apple may have taken the cake, as it were (sorry). Fresh from the Sun Oven (see Cooking with Solar), redolent in spices, we couldn’t have asked for better.

In “normal” years, the museum hosts a day of grade school outings, when the kids go over and learn about the tree and pick apples. Up until then, anyone can glean from the ground. It’s easy to gather a lot of good quality whole fruit that way. After the school event, picking opens to the public. With the early season, we wonder if the tree will have any apples to offer by the time the school year starts. Pickers, human, crow and raven, are watching to see what happens next . . . .

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